Sunday, 26 September 2010

And the winner is????

I want to thank you all for all the advice and opinion you lot have given me to ponder over about the trip vs car issue. Thank you for all the comments and emails. You made me feel like a beauty Queen winner. (I often think of myself in drag. I certainly got the legs for it)

Trust me I spent many hours thinking about which direction to take and my head is hurting. Not from thinking but from getting smack round the head from my bro Lee because he thought it would be funny. Yea hilarious I am splinting my side with laugher from him almost splitting my head and now I got to cane his ass. (Ninja style)

Anyway back to the main topic. I had a long discussion with dad about what the best thing was to do and what he thought. I was expecting dad to be all dominating and controlling like a drill sergeant. Instead he was supportive and open. (I really got to stop expecting the worst from my dad)

He told me he thought I should go on the trip. He said after all I being through and the ups and down I deserve a break. (I guess he right) He said great memories will last a lot longer than any car. He said it would be good to have a car but nothing beats being around your friends and having the time of your life. He said I will learn more about myself and life than I ever will with a car.  (I’m starting to get the feeling dad wants me out the house)

Well nearly everyone thinks I should take the trip including my mum dad and bros. So you know what. I made up my mind. I am getting the car (joke)

No I am going to do the trip. I just like the idea of having my buddies sharing my first moment of true freedom.  However it is not all plain sailing. (Is sailing ever plain?)

I got to get the go ahead for the docs and make sure I am up to the trip. If not I won’t get any insurance and I will not be able to go (cue tear)

I am worried if I have an episode while on the trip but not enough to stop me from going.

So it is bye bye to my car. I am not really that sad because as most of you said I will be able to get one later prob not as grand though. (Prob a Lada)

Now the trip is not all site seeing. We will be working with Unicef and volunteering our time to work in some of the orphanage around Europe. We also be spending our time working and seeing some of the various projects. In turkey we are going to help with some school classes with teaching English and in Germany we will be helping out with a music project. We got other things plan but nothing confirm yet. As they come in I let you know.

I am looking forward to spending 8 months with 6 of my best friends. Toby being one of them. Jason not coming as he starts work in October but he cool with the whole thing and thinks I should be going. (By the way Lee said hi. He has just come out the shower and is waving is wigwam at me.)

So I think this is going to be a life changing trip so I am looking forward to it and I think I made the right decision. (I just hope I don’t die on the journey cause that really would piss me off)

Have not seeing Jamie for a while. He seems to be avoiding me. What have I done now? I’m beginning to think he is a lost cause but I won’t give up on him. Anyone who is my friend is a friend for life no matter what happens. It times like these when you need your friends the most.

I am going into hospital on Wednesday for a check up so I won’t be around for a few days. I had an x ray on Friday and they ask me to come back in. Nothing to worry about. Just more drugs to juice me up. I hope I turn out stoned like these guys.

While I’m away Lee is going to take over my blogs and keep you informed of whats whats and what I am doing. If I can I will do it myself and hopefully post pictures and videos.. Thinking about getting a twitter page but still not convince by it.(what do u think?) I don’t what technology to rule my life and become a robot.

Anyway I'm off to scratch my nob


  1. You have a very wise and supportive father. From your description of what you will be doing on the trip, it sounds like it will be a great experience. I hope nothing keeps you from going. Thanks in advance to Lee for letting us know what is happening in your life when you can't.

  2. Well, I hope you got your nob scratched without any problem. he he.
    And, I think that you are making the right choice in taking the trip instead of the car.
    Take care,

  3. I certainly hope you have the time of your life on the trip; make sure you go with people you get along with, and it is important that travelling companions are considerate of each other. Make sure you get all the flu shots cos that is the biggest danger. (I just noticed a new post by a blogger complaining of coming down with the flu in Pennsylvania USA) You can still post to your blog occasionally from other computers. But if it turns out you can't go on the trip then you still get a great consolation prize! bfn - Wayne :)

  4. "Have not seeing Jamie for a while. He seems to be avoiding me. What have I done now?"

    Poor Timmy, you've got to stop blaming yourself for his actions (or inactions) and realize that he is responsible for the times he has hurt you physically and for his avoiding you now. It's not your fault, and he's not your responsibility.

    Thanks for the additional info about the trip. This clarifies things a lot. I hope you enjoy it as well as doing a lot of good in the projects you'll be working on.

  5. Go Timmy GO
    Hop you got rid of that itch too much wanking my boy. Tell Lee he better be prepared to wiggle his wig wam at us when he takes over your blog.
    Hope all go's well at the hospital maybe Dr Yum Yum will take you in hand and get you to cough.
    Oh and are you sure you have the legs for a dress?

  6. Now you have told us more about the trip, I agree it's good for you to go. It sounds really worthwhile, and a good experience for you, not just bumming around Europe as I thought.

    Do plan to record your experiences for future reference, and we trust Lee to keep us in touch with you.

    Shame about Jason, but I hope you will keep your friendship alive.

  7. glad to see you decided to go with the trip, and i hope the docs give the green light to you!! Advance Thanks to lee for keeping the blog up as it will be cool to see how you're doing...and any Timmy updates will be extra special! Regarding twitter, you may as well set it up and see how you go...i find i am totally ruled by my laptop...its only one step away from telling when when to eat and pee!!

  8. Bravo, Timmy!!!

    Brother Lee sounds like a regular football hooligan!!! :-D


  9. Oh, Timmy, you should have told us it was for charity! Had I known that, I’d have told you to get the car... ha ha just a joke...

    Seriously, this is the best decision you’ve ever made (well, second perhaps to deciding to kiss Jason.) And I hate to say it, but everything your dad said is the truth... (don’t worry, it’s only an accident that he’s correct... even a stopped clock is right twice a day, as they say...)

    I hope the check-up at the hospital goes OK, and you get the all clear to go. And then, it'll be permanently expanded horizons, I feel... You will have the most amazing, and life changing, time imaginable.


    Oh yeah, and I hope you don’t die on the trip, either...

  10. Timmy is it possible that your brother is at my college? Oh my god could it be.

  11. Hi there, Timmy

    I'm not sure I can say anything much that others haven't already, but here are a couple of thoughts:
    - I think you'll have a great time in Europe, with your friends, and doing something really worthwhile.
    - Your dad sounds like a really good father.

    Meanwhile, the best of luck for your check-up. I very much hope that there really is nothing to worry about.



  12. I' glad for you about your choice (the trip !). I hope it will be a great adventure !

    I can't understand your last sentence ("Anyway I'm off to scratch my nob"). What a pity cos it sounds funny, according to the last picture...